305beds MLK Day Sale: Find the Best New Year’s Mattress Discount in Miami From Sealy to Stearns & Foster Mattresses. Call 305-685-1238 for More Info.

305beds MLK Day Discount Mattress

305beds is different from other discount mattress outlets in Miami. They keep over 1000 quality brand name products in stock, not the manufacturer rejects consumers typically imagine when they consider mattress outlets. Top reliable brands like Sealy and Sterans & Foster are always available for purchase.

PRESS RELEASE  JAN 21, 2019 10:00 EST

Miami, FL, January 21, 2019 (Newswire.com)

A new year inspires resolutions to better promote good health and
wellbeing. Most of the promises to read more, exercise, eat better, etc., are much easier to keep on a good night’s sleep.


305beds liquidators and mattress outlet kicks off 2019 with their first big New Year’s
Mattress sales of the year for MLK Day.

1/2 Price Mattress of Miami, www.305beds.com, is different from other discount mattress outlets. They keep over 1000 quality brand name products in stock, not the manufacturer rejects consumers typically imagine when they consider mattress outlets. Top, reliable brands like Sealy Posturepedic and Stearns & Foster are always available for purchase.


1/2 Price Mattress of North Miami specializes in Volume Purchasing Direct from the Manufacturer and Unparalleled Customer Service. One could also shop for mattresses online here for 305beds.com.

Part of quality sleep includes creating a calm, restful environment. 305beds maintains a large selection of luxury brand mattresses to help turn a bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary promoting restorative sleep. Excellent rest makes for higher energy to tackle those new years’ goals. Avoid the hassle and stress of the average mattress outlet when shopping the 305beds MLK Day mattress sale in Miami.


Get Financing from Acima or Synchrony while Purchasing the Best Brands like Sealy and Stearns & Foster

The employees at 305beds are not reliant on commission, so, shoppers are not bombarded with
salesy rhetoric with the objective of coercing them to purchase the most expensive items in the store.
The 305beds staff is trained to know the brands and benefits of each product to best accommodate an individual’s sleeping needs. Not all quality mattresses are created equal and the employees at 305beds will help customers make informed purchases based on their sleep style and what they look for in a mattress discount.

There are enough obstacles in the way of getting quality sleep; 305beds has designed their entire business to ensure price is not one of those many roadblocks to a good night’s sleep. In addition to
the MLK Day sale, 305beds offers financing through Acima 12-month payment plans, Synchrony
Financing, and Snap.

After finding the best mattress discount for an individual or couple’s sleep preferences,
make the resolution of getting better sleep even easier with same day delivery. With a new, brand name mattress at 75% off and same day delivery, this MLK Day sale might be the most cost-effective option for improving sleep in the new year. There is no hassle for the customer during this new year sale; informed staff to help make selections, low cost for great quality, and the mattress delivered right up to the door on the same day. Finally replacing an old mattress could be the easiest choice one will make in 2019.


Visit 305beds.com or go to their location to find a quality discount mattress in Miami during this special MLK Day sales event. 1/2 Price Mattress of North Miami is responsible for this press release. 


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