Discount Mattress Store in Miami

Looking for a “Discount Mattress Store in Miami?”

Are you searching for your next mattress, but struggling to find a store whose prices fit your budget?  Look no further than  305Beds has over 1000 mattresses from many of the top brands in the business for up to 75% off their retail value.  These types of prices can’t be beat when looking for top quality mattresses at “mattress outlet” prices.  305Beds has been providing these prices on brand new mattresses for over ten years, so you can be assured that they know what they are doing when it comes to getting you your next bed.  305Beds is a family owned business, so they want to serve the community that has helped them grow into what they have become, that means you!  Whether you are a first time customer, or a return customer 305Beds aims to treat you like family.


Discount Mattress Store in Miami

Why Should You Shop at ½ Price Mattress?

There are many different factors that are considered when searching for the perfect bed.  The main one that most people overlook is going to a store and testing out the mattress that you have your eye on.  Many people may be deterred from this because a common experience to have while shopping in store is to have a sales clerk pushing you in the direction of the most elaborate and expensive mattress on the floor.  The main reason that this happens so often is that many of the clerks on duty at major retailers rely on commission for the bulk of their pay.  This is not that case at 305Beds.  The staff is there to help you find the best fit for your sleeping patterns, and for your wallet.  They will not push you in one direction of the other unless they know that is the type of mattress that best suits you.


Top Brands Offered at “Outlet Store” Prices

305Beds has a variety of options available for you to choose from at their store such as Sealy Mattresses and Stearns and Foster Mattresses.  Both offer great support and would be a great option for your new bed.  Here’s some more information on these two brands.

Sealy Mattresses have been around for over a century.  They have provided top notch comfort to their users as well as keeping their prices relatively affordable.  The most popular type of mattress that they offer at the moment is their Sealy Posturepeidic Mattress.  This mattress was made to provide you with all around comfort throughout the entire night.  The memory foam technology within the mattress conforms the heaviest parts of your body.  Whether that be your hips if you sleep on your side, or your back.  This mattress is the best choice for you if you want to sleep through the night, and wake up without any aches or pains the next day.

Each Stearns and Foster Mattress has been meticulously designed to ensure that you have a full night of sleep.  These mattresses are considered some of the most luxurious in the business.  Their hybrid mattresses offer the best of both memory foam and traditional spring mattresses.  For some, the idea of having a mattress completely made up of memory foam is a deterrent to the idea.  For some, memory foam lacks the key support that you may need.  Stearns and Foster’s hybrid collections may offer you that perfect mix of ultra-soft comfort with the support of a traditional spring bed.

Adding the incredible discount price that you’ll receive on any mattress that you pick up from ½ Price Mattress it’s virtually a win/win situation for you and your wallet.  Be sure to stop by a store near youtoget that amazing sleep that you’ve been missing out on.


Financing Options with

If you’re searching for “Discount Mattresses in Miami” but still aren’t sure if you can afford to invest in a new mattress?  305Beds has teamed up with Acmia Financing to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the cost.  Acmia is a trusted brand that offers support to all customers regardless of their credit.  You can get approved in two easy steps just go to and fill out the application, and you’ll be well on your way to having your next mattress in your home.


Are You Ready for Your “Discount Mattress in Miami”?

If you think that you are ready to move on from your old mattresses and nights full of unrest, be sure to stop by the store location in Miami.  The store is located at 3520 W 18th Avenue #145.  ½ Price Mattress is open daily from 10 to 9 daily, except on Sundays they close two hours early at 7.  Or give them a call at 305.362.0550, a friendly staff member will be happy to answer your questions before you come in to make a full decision.


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