Discount Mattresses in Doral

Discount Mattresses in Doral

Why are mattresses so expensive?

Buying a new mattress, especially if it is a name brand, quality one, can be a significant investment. But according to several sources, you need to replace your mattress every 7-10 years to ensure you are getting the type of healthy, regular sleep that keeps your body feeling young and healthy.
So, you know you need to make the investment, but why is it so high? The short answer is that, in a retail mattress store, mattresses have HUGE markups over their manufacturing costs.  A mattress that costs $300 to actually make might sell for $4000 in a mattress store.

Most mattresses are sold through retailers – who take their cut of the sales profit.  Not to mention the hefty commission that the salesperson will take with each mattress. These sales commissions incentivize a salesperson to sell you the most profitable mattress, not the best mattress for you.  Yes there is cost to have the space, inventory, and keep the lights on, but it’s also another separate player looking to make big bucks.  And they often do.

People have always dreaded the mattress buying experience,which can be as stressful as buying a car. But now you can avoid much of the hassle and find the same brand-name, high quality mattresses for drastically reduced costs.

99% of customers only buy a new mattress when they NEED one, not when they want one. The thought of mattresses is not on people’s minds very often. And usually, by the time you need a new mattress, it’s beyond the time you should have purchased it. So that creates a more urgent situation that makes buyers willing to spend more money to get it sooner.

People get overwhelmed from all the different tricks being shoved down their throats that often they just want to be done with mattress salesman and get home with a new mattress. So they will often pay whatever to get away. Many retail stores that sell mattresses play on this need and desperateness for a mattress.

½ Price Discount Mattress saves you money!

Buying a mattress from ½ Price Mattress can save you up to 75% over retail stores. We deal in high volume. We order directly from the manufacturers, like Sealy, Simmons, Sterns & Foster and Serta. We carry up to 1,000 brand new mattresses in various styles, like firm, extra firm, cushion firm, plush, ultra plush, Euro top, pillow top, super pillow top, memory foam, and hybrids. These are not factory rejects and we are not a clearance warehouse! They are current models that you can find in retail stores.

Our salespeople do not receive commissions direct from the manufacturers, as is common in retail stores. This saves you not only money, but time, in that you don’t suffer the high-pressure sales pitches.

Doral ½ Price Mattress

½ Price Mattress has 3 locations serving South Florida, including West Palm Beach, Hialeah and Miami. It’s a straight shot on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike!

Since 2006, 1/2 Price Mattress has been South Florida’s number one source for discount luxury name brand bedding.

All mattress purchases include a 1 to 4 year warranty against mechanical failure. Check out our websitefor our current specials.

No credit is needed to purchase a mattress at ½ Price Mattress. Buyers can quickly and easily apply for the 90 day payment plan. No credit check is required.

If you are interested in getting the best sleep of your life at a fraction of the retail price, call us at 305-680-2600.

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