Do you have the right Discount Mattress for How you Sleep?

I think we can all agree that a good night’s sleep matters. We know it after a night of tossing and turning, when we stumble through the next day groggy, cranky and fatigued. A poor night of sleep, let alone ongoing inadequate sleep, carries over into all areas of our lives: physical and mental health, relationships, work and play.


Improving your sleep means getting a quality discount mattress

Chronic sleep deprivation can reach far and deep into our lives, putting us at risk for weight gain, weakened immune systems, diabetes, heart disease, lowered sex drive and even shortened lifespans. Our bodies need adequate sleep to renew and heal themselves, as well as restore healthy chemical balances. Without proper sleep, we are susceptible to mood swings, anxiety and depression, all of which significantly impact our personal well being, as well as our relationships with loved ones and our abilities to perform our jobs.

And yet as adults, we often fail to give sleep the attention it deserves. We say we don’t have enough time for sleep, feel that we may have tried everything we could to improve our sleep or simply resign ourselves to being “bad sleepers.” But what if there was one choice we could make that would move us in the direction of sweet, satisfying rest?


Selecting the right discount mattress is a huge step toward investing in your quality of life

We may agree on the importance of sleep, but one thing not everyone knows is how much our mattress choice affects our sleep. In the course of shopping for the right mattress, you can invest in the highest quality and construction, but if you don’t choose the best discount mattress model for your needs, chances are you will still wind up with back stress and pain.

As one of the huge mattress liquidators in Miami, we want to help shoppers in our area avoid this common mistake by steering you in a direction that will set you up for your best nights of sleep.


Did you know choosing the right discount mattress begins with one important piece of knowledge: what is your sleep style?

When referring to sleep style, the real question is, what is your preferred position for sleeping? Sleep styles encompass back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Which position you prefer sleeping in is not often a conscious choice; rather, people gravitate toward what feels most natural for their bodies and what best enables them to breathe most freely.

Though personal sleep style is of high importance when searching for the right mattress, there are other factors to consider. Choosing the best mattress comes down to several simple factors:

  1. Sleep style
  2. Mattress firmness
  3. Partner needs
  4. Support for other common sleep issues
  5. Cost



A guide to discount mattress shopping in Miami for different sleep styles


The best discount mattress in Miami for back sleepers

If you are among the 14% of Americans who sleep on their backs, choosing the right mattress begins with firmness. If you wake up in the morning with lower back discomfort, chances are your mattress is either too soft or too hard, depressing your spine and disturbing its delicate balance. Therefore, a medium-firm mattress is going to be your best friend. Aiming for a medium level of firmness will prevent your hips from sinking too far into the bed, as they do with soft mattresses, or the uncomfortable push back on your spine that comes with a too-firm mattress.

Next, you’ll want to ask yourself if you have a partner whose sleep style differs from your own. You may wonder how you could accommodate two peoples’ different needs in one bed, but it is absolutely possible.

One of the best mattress choices for partners with different styles of sleep is the combination mattress. With this mattress, each partner gets the comfort their body craves without compromising sleep or sending you to separate bedrooms. One half of the mattress can customized with medium firmness, while the other can be softer for a side sleeper or firmer for a stomach sleeper.

A sleep number bed is another excellent option, giving each partner the ability to customize mattress firmness.

If other common sleep disturbances are an issue, an adjustable bed allows you to further customize the mattress to provide additional support. So if one of you is a snorer or suffers from sleep apnea, part of the mattress can be raised slightly to allow for easier breathing.

These combination, sleep number and adjustable beds tend to run more expensive than a traditional mattress. However, many families find them to be worthwhile investments for the payoffs they bring in quality sleep.

The most popular choice for sleep among Americans is a traditional innerspring mattress, offered in flat or pillow styles. Not only do these tend to be more affordable, they are offered in a wide price range with varying levels of quality. Search for an innerspring mattress that will help reduce motion while sleeping, providing you with the desired support and durability.

What if you’re looking for a bed somewhere between a combination or sleep number bed and a traditional innerspring mattress? You may want to strongly consider investing in a foam mattress, which provides excellent support for all sleep styles. No matter which position you wind up in while sleeping, a foam mattress offers optimal support for your whole body. If you decide to go with a foam bed, you may want to choose a mattress with cooling technology, as foam tends to heat by the middle of the night.


The best discount mattress in Miami forStomach Sleepers

For the 16% of Americans who sleep on their stomachs, the most important mattress feature is one that won’t leave your hips feeling like a sinking ship and your back collapsing. In other words, a flatter, firmer mattress surface to support your hips and, by extension, your back. As with back sleepers, a number of the same bed options are available, but with different customizations.

A combination mattress will also appeal to stomach sleepers with partners who have different sleep styles. But for stomach sleepers, select an extra firm mattress on your half of the bed, and on the other side, soft for a side sleeper or medium for a back sleeper.  The same applies for a sleep number bed, with the ability to select your desired firmness in a setting on either side of the mattress. However, adjustable mattresses like sleep number beds also provide that extra support for sleepers who deal with snoring and/or sleep apnea.

The downside to both of these mattress options is price. But again, weighing the cost of trips to the chiropractor, nights of restless sleep and/or relationship tension, you may view this as a worthwhile investment in your quality of life.

Memory foam mattresses are another fantastic option for a bed that is more intuitive than a traditional mattress and less expensive than a combination or sleep number bed. And for people who are combination sleepers – starting out in one position and ending up in another – it meets you where you’re at in every position.

The innerspring mattress is always going to be the most popular option for the cost-conscious shopper and makes the most sense if you tend to sleep alone. Innerspring mattresses remain America’s most popular choice.


The best discount mattress in Miami for Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you are among the majority of Americans. Unlike back and stomach sleepers, firmness is not desirable for side sleepers. If you are waking up with pain or stiffness in your hips or shoulders, the likely cause is a too-firm mattress. You want the soft, pillowy mattress. Sleeping on your side allows the spine to rest in its most natural position, so a softer bed actually supports that natural curvature and promotes proper alignment a good night’s rest.

The best recommendation for side sleepers, on your own, is a traditional memory foam or latex memory foam mattress. Memory foam cradles the body’s pressure points in all the right places and supports even distribution of weight while you sleep.

Latex memory foam is gaining popularity among side sleepers for its ability to offer more breathability and air circulation for a cool and comfortable sleep. It also offers sleepers greater support than traditional memory foam – the perfect balance of “give” and firmness – while encouraging the body’s natural curvature. And latex memory foam also often holds its shape longer than traditional memory foam, lending itself to greater durability.

Of course, if you sleep with a partner who is not also a side sleeper, you may want to consider a combination or sleep number bed for more customizations. An adjustable mattress helps provide not only support for your desired sleep position, but also elevates sleepers with snoring issues and/or sleep apnea to open airways and maximize breathing.


The best brands for saavy discount mattress shoppers in Miami, FL

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what kind of bed is best for your sleep style and relationship needs, let’s talk about brands. It can be hard to wade through all the choices, so let’s narrow it down to the top three.

Stearns & Foster mattresses are designed with airflow, comfort and coolness in mind. If you or your partner tend to either overheat or become chilled in the night, this brand may be an ideal choice. The mattresses are covered with a soft, breathable stretch-knit fabric that wicks moisture. Air vents are brilliantly positioned between the layer of gel and layer of support to discourage overheating and maximize comfort.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are adjustable, which makes them worthwhile investments for couples with differing sleep styles. Also, these mattresses have adjustable sets to allow for proper weight distribution and alignment for each sleeper depending on your preferred position, offering a truly customizable sleep experience (and noticeably reducing back pain). Their unique design also benefits couples with its ability to accommodate motion transfer, allowing one partner to sleep undisturbed during the movements of the other.

Serta mattresses have been providing luxurious comfort for nearly 1931, when they stepped out as pioneers in the industry. Since then, they have applied themselves to the art of perfecting the best mattress, eventually earning the recognition of America’s top mattress manufacturer. In the hospitality industry, Serta is among the lead providers of comfortable beds and can be enjoyed in many of the country’s finest hotels.


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