Don’t worry about the cost of a new mattress, shop for a discount mattress in Wynwood

Don’t worry about the cost of a new mattress, shop for a discount mattress in Wynwood.

Not many of us are fortunate enough to spend thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat. Having to spend a large amount of money is something that takes planning, saving, and often some kind of sacrifice. You should not have to empty your bank account in order to invest in a mattress that is essential or your health and wellness. Since a quality mattress is so important to our lives, why are mattress so expensive? Can you get a decent quality discount mattress in Wynwood?

You can find excellent discount mattresses in Wynwood.

The sales of mattresses provide one of the highest profit margins in retail today. According to Consumer Report, the average mark up price for mattresses sold through retailers is around 40%-50%, making their profits very lucrative. This means, if the mattresses being sold in retail stores cost $300 to make but are being sold in store for $4000. Most mattresses are sold through retailers – who take their cut of the sales profit, of course, and the sales people take their commissions for each mattress they sell. Sales commissions give incentive to a salesperson to sell you the most profitable mattress, and not the best mattress for you. Not only are you wasting money, your needs are not being met nor respected by these avaricious mattress retail stores.

That’s why buying a discount mattress in Wynwood saves you time and money.

There are few who have enjoyed the mattress buying experience, which can be as stressful as buying a new car; but now you can avoid the hassle and find the same name brand, high quality, and perfectly fitted mattress for you at dramatically reduced prices.

You can start your journey to a better nights sleep and a healthier you by finding your discount mattress in Wynwood today!

Around 99% of customers decide to buy a new mattress only when it is so obvious they have needed one for some time, waiting until your mattress beings to bring you discomfort and sleepless nights does you no good. It’s easy to forget about your mattress, to ignore the beginning signs of wear and tear, and most of us do, and usually by the time you need a new mattress, it’s way past due. That then creates a more urgent situation that induces stress and will make the buyer far more inclined to spend more than is necessary, while not even getting the mattress that is best for their health and well being.

Going into an already stressful situation and then being overwhelmed by all the different sales pitches and promotions, the buyer may buy any mattress just to get the experience over with. They will often pay whatever they must just to get away. Many retail stores that sell mattresses play on this need and desperateness for a mattress.

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and buying your discount mattress in Wynwood from 305beds is the stress-free, high quality, low cost solution you need.

Buying a mattress from ½ Price Mattress can save you up to 75% over retail stores. We order directly from the manufacturers, like Sealy, Simmons, Sterns & Foster and Serta. We carry up to 1,000 brand new mattresses in various styles, like firm, extra firm, cushion firm, plush, ultra plush, Euro top, pillow top, super pillow top, memory foam, and hybrids. Visit to find your dream discount mattress in Wynwood today!

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